Why buy a handmade greeting card?

Updated: May 16, 2021

Why buy a handmade greeting card?

We all love to get the post and see something there other than bills. If it’s a hand written envelope you know it’s something special. A card can say happy birthday, hope you’re feeling better, congratulations or just I was thinking of you.

It’s a way of connecting with our friends and loved ones and especially at this time when we are all distanced from those who mean so much to us a card can say so much more.

Handmade cards are often seen as a more thoughtful option rather than a mass produced shop bought card. A handmade card has a more meaningful sensation for the receiver and just as attractive as a printed shop card.  They are often better value for money too!

They are all unique and could be considered a small piece of art. It’s a way of saying I picked this particular card just for you because it is special and unique like you are.

So why not buy something handmade and let them know just how unique they are too!

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